Last Updated July 11, 2019

Thank you for visiting the Playground Pictures website. In our commitment to provide all our users with the best possible experience and ensure the continued performance and reliability of our website, we have created terms and conditions that govern the operation and public use of our website. Please carefully review all terms contained herein, as they directly apply to YOU, the user, and your interaction with this website. We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding our website and this policy.



The following context of terms and conditions shall be recognized as “This Agreement” and pertain specifically to the use and access of this website located at The aforesaid domain and any of its associated subdomains, subsites, extensions, content, materials, constituent and or whole parts located at said domain, shall collectively be recognized as “This Site”. The terms “you”, “your”, and “user” are used in reference to and or in definition of any party at any time that attempts to and successfully establishes an active connection to This Site through any medium of connection. The terms “us”, “we”, and “our” are used in reference to Playground Pictures, LLC. This Agreement is immediately effective and binding between Playground Pictures, LLC and you upon your access of This Site.


This Site is published and maintained by Playground Pictures, LLC along with our respective subsidiaries, affiliates, and or related entities whom we may work in conjunction with in order to provide quality services and information through This Site. In doing so we may frequently make changes to the content and certain features available on our website. This Site may also provide a connection and or portal to another subsite or website operated under the Playground Pictures, LLC brand. Please be aware that any subsite(s) accessible through This Site may have its own specific terms and conditions of use. When you access, browse, or use This Site you accept without limitation or qualification, the terms and conditions set forth herein in addition to any terms and conditions set forth in any subsite or website owned, maintained and or operated by Playground Pictures, LLC.



This Site is only for your personal use. You may not access any parts of this website with the intention to copy, save, print, distribute, exchange, modify, sell, or transmit by any medium of technology any data, content and or materials including but not limited to any text, images and photos, audio, video, documents and files of any format, that are contained on This Site or any of its subsites; for personal advantage, commercial gain, or for public interest without the prior acknowledgement, consent and authorization of Playground Pictures, LLC. The terms and conditions of This Agreement are non-negotiable, and shall be enforced to protect the safety of This Site and its users. As a user of This Site, Playground Pictures, LLC grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited right to access, display, and interact with This Site. Your access of This Site constitutes your acceptance of these terms and in doing so you thereby agree that your access to This Site will not disrupt or attempt to disrupt the safety, operation, or functionalities of This Site in any way.

Playground Pictures, LLC holds and reserves all rights to copyright and intellectual property concerning the constituent and or whole parts of This Site; with the exception of any component(s) and or area(s) of the website that are the intellectual property of their respective owners. As a user of This Site, you agree not violate the intellectual property of This Site or that of any party who’s content, materials, technology, data, design, etc. is either accessible through or integrated into This Site. No part(s) of This Site may be reproduced, photocopied, stored on a retrieval system, sold, transmitted or altered in any way without the prior acknowledgement and authorization of Playground Pictures, LLC. Any displayed corporate branding including (but not limited to) logos, icons, images, insignias, symbols, and advertisements are the trademarks and property of Playground Pictures, LLC.


All materials on This Site, including but not limited to copy text, audio, video, images, information and materials, documents, data (recognized as “content”), site design, website features, plugins, modules, components and source code (recognized as “software”) are all protected elements under both U.S. and international copyright laws. Your access of This Site does not grant you any rights or permission to save and or use the content for personal and or commercial purposes. You agree to follow all instructions defined by This Agreement in respects to the established limitations in your use of This Site and your interactions with its content. This Site contains proprietary logos, insignia’s, service marks and or trademarks (recognized as “registered designations”). By making them available on This Site, Playground Pictures, LLC is not granting you any license to utilize any proprietary marks or designations. Unauthorized use of any content on This Site may violate copyright laws, trademark laws, privacy laws, and any associated municipal and federal laws and statutes. All content, software, and registered designations made available on This Site are the legally protected property of Playground Pictures, LLC, and or their respective owners or creators. By accessing This Site, you agree not to violate or attempt to violate the laws and regulations enacted by your government, country, region, state, federal and or municipal authorities pertaining to intellectual properties and copyrights.


Any information, content, materials and or functionalities of This Site, including This Agreement are subject to change without prior notice. Playground Pictures, LLC reserves the right to exercise its discretion and best interest to modify, add or remove portions of these Terms of Service at any time. Any changes to This Agreement will become active and binding immediately upon publishing. Any changes to This Agreement will be made publicly available, and a notification will be published. Please see Article IV – ‘Updates To Our Terms of Service’. Your continued access and use of This Site following any posted website changes thereby affirms your consent of those changes. You hereby acknowledge that it is your responsibility to review these terms periodically for any changes in our policy that may affect or conflict with your use of our website. Your compliance with the terms of This Agreement grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited privilege to enter and use This Site.

All content, software, and registered designations including the arrangement of site design and aesthetics (recognized as “website look”) and process of core functions and programming (recognized as “website functionality”) are either owned, managed, licensed directly by or on behalf of Playground Pictures, LLC. Unless otherwise provided by valid authorization from Playground Pictures, LLC, no part of This Site and its content, software, registered designations, website look and website functionality may be republished, copied, uploaded, posted, reproduced, publicly displayed, encoded, translated, transmitted or distributed in any way (including “mirroring”) to any other server, website, computer, or other medium electronic in form or for publication or distribution for any personal advantage and or commercial gain.




As a user of This Site, you agree not to use technology and or technological methods such as “robots”, “deep-links”, “spiders”, “page-scrapes”, crawlers, or other similar know-how, including the implementation of programs, devices, system processes, or any similar tool and or technique specifically designed to acquire, reproduce, access, copy, circumvent or monitor any portion or content of the website with the intent to unlawfully obtain internal website materials, information, documents, designs and or source code components, data (including but not restricted to “user data”), and or any other forms of information and resources made digitally accessible through any means that maliciously affects the normal functionality and security of This Site. In interest of its safety and that of its community of users, Playground Pictures, LLC reserves the right to bar any person(s) from any such activity.


You may not attempt to gain unauthorized access to any portion or feature of the Site, or any other systems or networks connected to This Site or to any portals, databases, or servers that are restricted to only Playground Pictures, LLC and its authorized members and personnel. You may not attempt to access any of the information and or services offered on or through This Site through the means of hacking, “mining” for passwords or any other illegal and maliciously threatening actions.


You may not scan, test or probe the vulnerability of This Site or any network connected to This Site, nor breach the security or authentication measures established on This Site or any network connected to This Site. During your use and connection to This Site, you agree not to engage in any action that imposes an unreasonable or excessively massive load on the infrastructure of This Site or on systems or networks which may use in order to maintain and operate This Site.


You equally agree not to reverse look-up, trace or attempt to trace any information on any other user or visitor to This Site, or any other customer of Playground Pictures, LLC. You agree not to breach or attempt the unauthorized access of any account not owned by you, or to trace or attempt the tracing of any account to its source. You agree not to exploit any services and information made available or offered through This Site, in any way where the purpose is to reveal any information, including but not limited to personal identification, or sensitive and confidential information. You agree not access or attempt to access any account or information other than your own, and to use This Site in the normal capacity in which it is designed to be used.


You may not use This Site or its content for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by This Agreement, including (but not limited to) the solicitation or performance of any illegal activity, including activity that infringes on the rights of Playground Pictures, LLC and its community of users. You may not pretend that you are, or that you represent someone else, or impersonate any other individual or entity other than yourself. During your connection to This Site you agree not to use any device, software, or method that interferes or attempts to interfere with the proper functionality of This Site. You may not intentionally forge any headers or otherwise manipulate identifiers in order to disguise the origin of any message or transmission you knowingly send to Playground Pictures, LLC on or through This Site or by using any medium of communication to send inaccurate or intentionally false information to Playground Pictures, LLC  .


Any user(s) that willfully attempts to (a) circumvent any established security measures of This Site; (b) access and or “hack” any materials, information and data; (c) maliciously attack the website to implant viruses or expose vulnerabilities; (d) illegally acquire information from the site with intent to sell, disseminate, alter, transfer, manipulate and modify information on or from the website will be immediately banned and may be subject to prosecution.


By using This Site, you acknowledge that Playground Pictures, LLC provides the information, content and any services maintained and available on This Site without warranty or guarantee to you. Additionally, you further acknowledge that Playground Pictures, LLC does not guarantee that the use and operation of This Site will at all times be entirely safe and free from errors, performance glitches, interruption of service or connection, website downtime or instability, viruses, malicious attacks, data breach and or deletion, defect, delay in operation or transmission, unauthorized access and alteration of files, unintentional or malicious negligence. In the event of any issues arising from your use of This Site you agree to hold harmless Playground Pictures, LLC, its subsidiaries, affiliates and partners. You further understand that any information or message that you may transmit or receive through This Site is still susceptible to interception by others, even when such transmissions are deemed to be secure. We are committed to providing a website experience that is safe and functional for all our users. As a user of our site, you acknowledge that you are responsible for exercising prudent judgment and practice proper online safety at all times. 




We reserve the right to modify this Terms of Service Policy at any time. If we make material changes to this policy, we may notify you through a written notice on our website, by a blog post, by email, or by any method we determine. The method we choose is at our sole discretion. A notice regarding the last update to this Terms of Service Policy (“This Agreement”) will be made visible either at the beginning or at the end of this document. Any changes we make to our Terms of Service Policy is immediately effective and shall replace any previous Terms of Service Policies.




By using This Site, you agree to be bound by all terms set forth herein This Agreement. If you do not agree to these terms with the intent to violate any of the expressed conditions set forth, your access to this site is unauthorized and in violation of our Terms of Service policy.


This website terms of service policy is current as of July 2019