Our Team


Pal - Co-Founder/Head of Production

Pal likes looking up and to the left. He is a creative lead at Playground. You will most likely be in contact with him a lot once your video starts getting made.


Ik - Co-Founder/Creative Director

Ik writes, directs, and edits. He pays special attention to the finer details of every project. He's also an avid indoorsman who enjoys watching TV and taking naps.


Raman - Head of Business Operations

While he isn’t running day to day operations at Playground, Raman spends his time covered in grease and tinkering away on various project cars on his driveway. His beard is his glory and he has a deep rooted passion for throwing money at street wear brands.


Raja - Head of Marketing and Sales

Raja deals with issues that include having a hard time getting away from being in front of the camera and not being able to drive past Starbucks without stopping for a Cordusio. He likes to lift heavy things in various angles and motions and every once in a while he helps run the business side of things at Playground.


Sam - Branding Operations

Sam designs all of our swag here at Playground and has a couple of amazing podcasts. He is a professional traveler and soul seeker. He once took ayahuasca and immediately decided to move to Santa Cruz. In his free time, you can find Sam brewing up a fresh batch of kombucha.


Zeus - Client Relations Specialist

Zeus is by far the best looking of the bunch and so naturally, he is the face of Playground. His special talents include falling asleep anywhere and anytime for hours on end. He also serves as front desk and announcer of visitors. 


Mahdi - Digital Marketing Lead

Mahdi is an avid outdoorsman and spends a lot of his time either playing soccer or road cycling. While he’s not getting a good sweat going outside, he stays busy running campaigns on various social media platforms for our wonderful clients. He's also a part-time videographer and shoots a variety of things from wedding events to commercials.


MJ - Project Coordinator

MJ first got behind a camera, during his photography class back in high school, looking for an easy A. With little to no interest in digital arts, he became obsessed with the collaborative process behind creating a final product through a lens. After transitioning to video 5 years ago, he eventually met the Playground team where his obsessive traits in video production was accepted with open arms.

jaspreet (1).jpg

JJ - Production Manager

JJ is a real life honeybee tamer. This passion seemingly came out of nowhere one day and he went and bought 500 honeybees. He also enjoys to read books on history and gardening and has a very special relationship with the flowers in is backyard. You can find JJ at most of the shoots managing things and making sure you have a smooth ride.