We go the extra mile…

  • No cap on revision - We keep going till your video is perfect.

  • Never an hourly charge - Most companies film for certain hours, and then add on charges. We film till we capture every shot, and then some.

  • We always go the extra mile - We specialize in freebies: extra clips, photography when allowed, and unlimited edits for life to top it all off!

  • When your video is completed, we are not - Need an edit in the future? Just reach out… we got you!

  • We never tack on charges - Our prices include everything. In other words: once you hire Playground, all expenses are on us.

  • Organic all the time - Our productions are done in house; we storyboard, we film, we edit, we even create the music in house.

From our communication to our work, and long after the project is complete, we want you to know that you have made a friend in the industry. We are far from your typical run of the mill video company. We aren’t afraid to go against the grain and to break all the rules that have been established by the rest of the industry.

Welcome to the Playground of your vision.