A Kickstarter Video Funding a Vision

About a year ago, we met Jacob Xi, who, along with his business partner James Sun, had created a revolutionary Endoscope based camera for the every day consumer.  After hearing their story and falling in love with their product, we were beyond excited to create their Kickstarter video and becoming a part of the movement!  They wanted to raise $100,000 and we promised to make a video that would do just that. With our help on the campaign and the video, Jacob and James raised $104,831 in less than a month’s time, and they have successfully brought their product to market today.



For the video we followed our Kickstarter Recipe:

  1. We started with a strong intro: hooking the viewers on the product

  2. We then introduced the product

  3. Next it was important to make sure we introduced the team behind the product

  4. We then brought in real life testimonials to connect viewers to the product

  5. We shared the tech and mechanics behind the product

  6. We then closed with the goal of why we had brought this product to Kickstarter

A Supportive Campaign

Our goal is that we do whatever it takes to help our clients meet their goals. We didn't stop at a kickass kickstarter video, we helped create momentum packed campaign to secure backers.  Once we had created our kickass kickstarter video, we got to work on creating the right content and strategy needed to keep pushing out the glory of the ScopeAround!

You can find the entire ScopeAround Campaign Here: ScopeAround Kickstarter