Coming up with an Idea for Your Next Video Production

In video production, coming up with an idea is the hardest thing to do. Or to be more accurate, coming up with a good idea is the hardest thing to do. Coming up with bad ideas is very easy.

Here are some helpful things to keep in mind while dealing with the struggle:

1. Writers Block is a Part of the Process - It can be frustrating as shit, sitting around, not being able to come up with a concept for a video. Hours can go by  without you writing a single word down. But it's important to not consider those hours a waste. A big part of coming up with something, is spending time not coming up with anything. It might feel like you're getting nowhere and you're never gonna have a breakthrough, but eventually you will. All you have to do is put in that time. 

2. Write Down Your Ideas - Your best ideas usually come when you least expect it. When you're driving, when you're in the shower, etc. And when that kind of inspiration strikes, it's important to make a note of it. That way, you'll have a long list of ideas you can always go back to when a concept for a new project is needed.  Even the most random idea can end up turning into something, years after you first thought of it.

3. Watch Other People's Videos - Let's say you have to think of an idea for a car commercial. One useful thing you can do: watch other car commercials. Not to steal their ideas, but to get into a car commercial kind of mindset. What often happens is one small element of someone elses video will inspire a brand new idea of your own. Try it. It works.

4. Clear Your Head - One of the biggest enemies of creativity is a cluttered mind. So as often as possible, do things that will help you clear your head. Meditate, work out, go hiking.. whatever does the trick for you, do it. Because new ideas can only come to life if they have space to grow.