How to Start a Video Production Company

So you want to start a video production company? Well it's actually easier than you might think. There are 2 parts to it...

Part 1 | The "Gear" Part

Part 2 | The "How to Make Videos that are Good" Part

Part 1 is a bit easier than Part 2, but have some patience and keep working and you can get both down eventually.



So let's start with the gear. In order to make VIDEO you need a camera and in order to get AUDIO you need an audio recorder. Then to EDIT you need an editing software. When we started our video production company in the Bay Area about 7 years ago, for video, we bought a Canon 7D Mark II, for audio we bought a Roland R-05 and for editing we bought Sony Vegas Pro. (Why Sony Vegas? I don't know.)


The Canon 7D is STILL a VERY good, inexpensive option for a quality professional video. You can get it on Amazon for about $2,500. (


The Roland R-05 is available here (


For an example of what this gear is capable of, see one of our Kickstarter videos here that raised $100,000:


OH! And you need LIGHTS so that the video isn't dark and ugly. Buy these:


How do you use all this gear? Just mess around with it for about a month, watch a bunch of YouTube videos and you'll eventually get it.


PART 2 | How to Make Videos that are Good

Ok so, this is the slightly harder part. It mostly consists of making a bunch of crappy videos over and over and over until they become less crappy. Over the coming months, we'll be coming out with more in-depth blog posts about how to make videos, but for now we'll talk about the basics.


What are the basics you need for a decent video? A story, actors and a location.



Whether you're making a business intro video, a TV commercial, a short film or whatever, you need a good story. For now lets talk about business intros. Go talk to the business you're working with and ask them:

Why do they do what they do?

Why do they love what they do?

How do they do what they do differently?

As you listen to them, figure out what makes YOU most interested in THEM and make your story about that.



For business intros, your actors are your interviewees. The most important thing about your actors is to make them feel as comfortable as possible. Everyone of the people you work with that will be in front of the camera will say things like "I'm not good in front of the camera". They will be nervous, they will be filled with self-doubt. Your job is to make them feel as comfortable as possible before the shoot starts so that when the camera is rolling, they are no longer nervous. If you get them to be comfortable, you will have a great interview.



For locations on business intros, use the business' office. Use the part of the office that has a NICE BACKGROUND. Don't just put your interviewees in front of a white wall, try to have some depth behind them. What behind your interviewee says a lot about who the interviewee is.



It takes time to have a successful video production business. But it starts with making very crappy videos. So hurry up and start making crappy videos as soon as you possibly can because the sooner you make crappy videos, the sooner you will make great videos.


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