The Three Cs of Social Media Marketing for Growth

The Channels to Use:

First and foremost, identify the different social media platforms that you can use and how they will be able to help you grow. Whether you want to grow your personal brand or your company, you will need different channels in order to ensure success.

Newsletters: These are email blasts that can be sent weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc that can cover a wide variety of topics in order to deliver consistent and engaging content to your audience and give them something to look forward to. Sign up for ours RIGHT HERE!

Blogposts: These are great because they allow you to focus on a certain topics in far greater detail than you can with some of these other channels. You may also use your blogs to check in with your audience and give them details into what is going on your end, if you’re focused on building your personal brand, and to give them an insight into your life and day to day activities. If you’re a company or a brand, you can really focus on educating your audience and providing them with greater value on certain topics and establish yourself as THE GUYS in the field. Check out blogs RIGHT HERE!

Social Media Platforms: Lastly, we have our typical run of the mill social media platforms such as instagram, twitter, youtube, facebook, tumblr, and linkedin. Each platform has its own strengths and weaknesses and so pick and choose which ones will help you achieve your goals! Don’t forget to follow us!

The Three Cs

Ok, now that we understand the different channels that we can take in order to grow, let’s focus on the best method how to use these channels to maximize our efforts.

Content: Content is king, there is no way around that. You need to be creating good and engaging content that your audience will love to see and consume and will keep them wanting to come back to you for more. Establish yourself in your space and set yourself apart from all of your competition by providing the value that is sought for by the audience.

Consistency: Good content can’t save you if you share it sparingly. Your audience needs to know that they can trust you to keep delivering them with what they want. Choose your style. Maybe you post everyday or multiple times a day, or maybe you only post 3 times a week. Whatever it is, STICK TO IT!

Connection: This is the most important of the Three Cs. Your audience needs to build familiarity with you and needs to feel like they can trust you. You need to bond with them and you can only do that through engagement. Host Q and As, reply to all the comments, engage in discussions with your audience and really focus on becoming their friend in the industry!