How Does the Video Production Process Work?


About every client of mine, at some point in our conversation, asks "how does the video process work."  Every video production company has their own process, but here at Playground Studios we have the goal to make it easy.  I always give the same answer "We handle the entire process from A-Z, with your approval and input along the way."  It's true that's our goal, we want our clients to be stress free about their next video. 


Let's talk about how the process works... btw this is after the deal is closed to work together.

1. Meet to follow up and learn

Right after the contract is signed we schedule a meeting(phone, in person or via email) with our client to learn more detail about their business.  The goal in the meeting is to get pure info about the company, not outline the video.

We ask questions about the company history, culture, vision and overall goal as a business.  This information allows us to put together a storyboard with company influence.

2. Create a couple storyboards

This is the first thing we provide to our clients.  We provide them with a couple of storyboards, which is a complete vision of their video.  The goal of the storyboard is to allow our clients to foresee a vision of their video.

We will typically provide multiple storyboards, to give a few options for their video.  If our client loves one of the storyboards, we will start progressing the video.  If they do not love any, we will keep making reiterations tell the vision is perfect

3. Find Actors & Location

Depending on the type of video we start finding locations and actors.  If the video is something based around the business, like a business intro video, we usually shoot on the companies location with employees.  Otherwise, when needed, we do all the work to setup the shoot.

Check out this guide to learn more about what resources we use: The Guide to the TOP 5 Resources for Your Video Production Company

4. Shoot Day

Shoot days are the best days.. Typically the video shoot is a quick process which is usually just a day, sometimes two.  Shoots are rather quick, because all the planning has already gone into place during the storyboard.  The biggest factor on shoot days is making sure your actors are comfortable and ready to go.  

Here is a good read about calming your actors for a fun and easy shoot day: How to Calm Nerves on Your Next Video Production

5. Edit and Finalize

Editing is the most strenuous part of the video process, but the most crucial.  Our initial editing takes about a week; which would include editing the entire footage, narrating if needed, all animation/graphics needed and creating a background song(yes we create it in house).  

After the first edit we show the video to the client, get any opinions and make final changes.


The entire video process averages about 3-4 weeks, the most time consuming factor is the communication piece.  Depending on how long our client responds to give their "Okay" is the biggest factor the extended the projects time.


Whether your the client or a production company, remember two things: