How to Think of Your Next Video Concept

You’re getting ready to create your next video, but where do you start?  This can often be a very confusing and stressful endeavor for many people. Finding an amazing production company (like Playground!) is a hassle to begin with, but nailing down a concept for the video is a different matter altogether. Here are a few key tips and trick to help you create a successful video in a changing market.

1. Define your goal

What is the goal of this video?  Is it branding, bringing new sales, introducing a new concept or product, educating your customers about who you are/what you offer?

Once you define your goal, it will give you an idea of how to best cater your new video.  When you set the goal, you can then think of which style of video would be the best to achieve your goal.


2. Pick a video style

You want to define the style of your video because the tone and expression can tell very different stories even if the topic is the same. Do you want the video to be serious or humorous? Do you want to give a direct message or do something creative?  

Figuring out the style of your video will make it easier to create a storyboard.  The storyboard is a complete concept of your video.  

Always keep your audience in mind, put yourself in their shoes, and think about what style of video best caters to them.


3. Take the professional opinion

Remember, the professionals know what they are talking about.  The best clients are those that share what they are looking for and let the professionals do the rest.

Your video team (hopefully) should know what they are doing.  Keep their opinion as a top priority.

Many times, an idea may seem great, but it may not be the best one to get your message across.  There are vital points your video team thinks about when structuring your video and once the vision is shared between you two, execution is all that there is left to do.