What is a Business Intro Video?

It's a video used by businesses on their main page or introduction page of a website. A business intro video is typically 2-3 minutes and used to introduce a company to potential clients.

The video touches 3 main points:

1. Who is the business?

2. What does the business do?

3. Meet the owners/employees of the business.

A business intro video is recommended for every business. It's a great way to share your businesses vision with every client that visits your website. The amount of information you can get across in a single minute of video is far superior to any written content on your website. A single minute of video is equivalent to 1.8million words. That's a whole lot of bang for your buck....

How do you structure the video?

1. Start with an introductory message

-Delivery a strong message that acknowledges what your business does

-Remember this is the hook to making them want to watch more

2. Who/What is the business

-Summarize your business

-Explains what you do and why you do it

3. Provide them with what makes you unique

-Explain why they would want to work/do business with you

-Mention how you can positively impact them or their business


-Share stories about the business or results your clients have received

-Could be either internal or external

-Internal: Employees

-External: Customers

5. Conclusion: Wrap it up

-Close strong with a statement/story that will leave an impact on the client

-Transition the viewer into wanting to take the next steps

One of my favorite examples of a business intro video is one we created for Acosta. I like their video as an example because it is a very straight forward and the structure of the video is easy to follow.


Business intro videos are amazing tools for all business. They allow potential customers to learn all about your business and prepare themselves to take the next step to becoming a potential client. You take away from the time it takes a customer to browse your site and learn who you are.

Every company needs a business intro video, let us know if we can help.

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