Review for "BARRY"

Some shows are good. Some shows are bad. Some shows are somewhere in between. "Barry" is all three at the same time. Here's an amateur review of HBO's new show.

Barry- Mad.png


Bill Hader - I always thought Bill Hader was a funny dude from watching him on SNL, but I always just lumped him in with all of the other cast members from his time on the show (Andy Samberg, Kristen Wiig, etc). "Barry" made realize that he might be the most talented person to come out of that group. His comedic stuff is on point, as you'd expect, but he does the dramatic scenes just as well. There's a depth and vulnerability to him that makes you get attached to him right away and he's the main reason you continue watching the show. Dude is a special, special performer.

The Premise - "Barry" is about a hit man who accidentally joins an acting class during one of his
assignments. The class makes him realize that acting might be his true calling, but he finds it difficult to make a career change. It's such a unique premise that you're never quite sure which direction the story is gonna go. And that makes it fun to watch.

Henry Winkler - He's awesome on the show. Every-time he shows up, you laugh before he even says or does anything.


The Writing (sometimes) - There are some scenes in "Barry" where you feel like you're watching an amazing, award-winning show and the very next scene will feel like a student film. It's such a weird dichotomy. It's hard to understand how the same show can have a scene as good as the one where Barry does his "monologue" to Henry Winkler sitting in his car, and then have a scene as bad as the one where the male detective realizes the female detective is having an affair with the acting teacher and they have a "moment."


The Chechen Mob - It sounds so good and so easy on paper: funny, eastern European mobsters. But it's executed so badly that what should have been some of the best characters on the show, end up being the worst.

Overall, "Barry" is entertaining and has kept me watching every week and Bill Hader is sic as fuck. But it feels like a show they should have spent another year or so working on before putting it out. But nowadays a lot of movies and TV shows are rushed so I guess it's understandable, and if they intend to continue the show for multiple seasons I'm sure it will get better and better with time.