How to Market and Advertise your Video

So, you got your video created or are considering a video, but don't know how to advertise and reach an audience. It's honestly not too hard and has become a very cost-effective method to grow your business. There are three main ways of advertising your video, and each has its advantages and disadvantages.

1. Taking your video to TV

It's an ancient method, and many will tell you it's dying out, but airtime is still the best place for branding. With my experience in the industry, nothing gets you a better bang for your buck when it comes to branding. Television ads have the highest impressions per "moment." What I mean by moment is how many people see your video in a single given time. Television ads also do a great job repeating your video to the same viewer repeatedly.

So how does it all work... Where do you go? How much should you pay? What should it look like?

Where do you go?

Airtime is old school, and so is the process of getting your video to the television. You typically find a representative in your area for the TV network. The easiest way is to find a corporate email and ask them who would be your local representative. For example, if I wanted to advertise on CNN, I would start HERE.

How much should you pay?

The sky's the limit, but the norm is: Starting at $2,500/month Mean: $5,000/month High:$10,000+/month. The main exception of paying over $10,000/month is to advertise during a hot event(i.e., The Superbowl).

My clients typically do a $5,000-3month commitment(3-month commitments usually give bonuses). Their return for $5,000/month is typically 120-230spots/month.

What should it look like?

A commercial should be made in two versions a 30sec and a 15sec version. The 30sec business will be initially aired and should eventually be broken down to 15sec and doubled in spots. It should be creative and catered to the brand; so it can be funny, serious, meaningful... whatever suits the brand best.

2. Advertising on Facebook

Marketing your video on Facebook is one of my favorite methods. I love Facebook advertising because it's smart, easy to do, and effective. Facebook also has a massive reach with lots of selective data to pick from. Included with Facebook ads, you are given the option to take your range into Instagram.

Facebook Reach.png

Facebook advertising allows you to target your customer whether it's based on age, geographic location, career, gender, religion, hobbies, etc. It's impressive, smart, and cost-effective.


If you do your research and learn your customers, Facebook allows you to be extremely selective and market your video to your key audience. The cost is also very budgeted, from $10/day to $100+/day for however long you desire, you're in charge of your daily fee and campaign budget.

3. Advertising on YouTube.

Advertising on YouTube is also an excellent solution for any video. YouTube has a mass reach and a similar approach to Facebook to allow targeted ads. YouTube has identical targeted marketing like Facebook, but a less specific but more considerable amount of views; the most significant difference being YouTube ads are automatically played when someone watches a video and Facebook ads ask people to watch your video(making them click on the video by choice).

How does it work.png

It's simple, now that YouTube is part of Google, all advertising is in Google Adwords. Sign up > Upload your video > Pick your audience > Set the Budget > Accept > AND YOUR DONE :)

** Coolest thing with YouTube Ads.... you don't pay if your advertisement is canceled before 30sec by the viewer. That's pretty darn awesome!

So those are the 3 key platforms to advertise your video.  Use Television advertising to get branding, Facebook advertising to grab very specific views, and YouTube ads to get a mixture of the two.  It's key to know which platform(s) you want to advertise on before creating your video, this allows the video to cater to that specific platform of viewers.  The easiest way to find what platform is best for your customers is to put yourself in their shoes.   

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