5 Tips for Taking the BEST Phone Pictures/Videos.

1. Clean the damn lens.

Whether taking a regular video/picture or a selfie, use your shirt real quick and wipe the lensed. For some reason or another, the lenses always get fogged up- either by your ear when your fingers, or something. Point is, the lens will get fogged up and your pictures will look like you've taken them on a phone made in 2004.


2. Avoid bright light in the background

You ever notice sometimes your face comes out really dark and the sunlight comes out really bright? Well that's because your phone is scared of missing something that's in the bright areas so it focuses on that exposure, rather than your face's. How to avoid this? Make sure there are no ultra-bright spots in your framing. If your face is dark, it means that there's something in the background that's too bright. Spin around, move the phone angle, go near the shadows... just do something that avoids YOU being in the shade and the BACKGROUND being in the sunlight.


3. Sideways or Longways? (Landscape or Portrait)

This is a big debate on the internet. People sometimes get really pissed off if you have your phone vertical when it's supposed to be horizontal. BUT, it doesn't necessarily always have to be horizontal. When horizontal and when vertical?

Ask yourself 1 questions... "Where is this video going?"



Snapchat? VERTICAL!

Instagram? Uhhh... SQUARE! Meaning... just make sure it fits snuggly into a square area right in the middle of your frame.


4. Get a PopSocket

Seriously, get a PopSocket. What's a PopSocket? Look at that picture below. (thanks Raman) This thing will help stabilize your videos like crazy and lessen the blur of your pictures... like crazy. It'll also allow you to gain so much stability in holding your phone. Need one? Send me an email at info@playgroundstudios.com and we'll send you one for free. :)


5. Lower Your Hand!

99% of pictures are taken with the phone at eye level. Be a little creative, lower the camera a bit and get a new angle! You wouldn't believe how much more cinematic your pictures/videos will turn out if you lower your camera a bit.


SPECIAL THANKS: Sam Kabert for the idea!