Get Your Business Out There! 5 Easy Ways to Start Marketing Your Business Today

Starting a business is the easy part. You come up with an idea, create the product, design a logo, and then put it out there. But how do you get people to see it? Marketing.

Marketing is the hard part. Although this is complicated, it is important to get started somewhere. So let's get you started with 5 simple and easy ways that you can get your business in front of people's eyes!

1. Email Blast (Mail Chimp)

The first group of people who should always know about your product, is the folks who already know you. If they already know you, they will be interested in what new you’re doing in your life. So, send out an Email Blast! Go to, sign up for a free trial, set up an easy to make template, load your friends’ emails in and send out a email blast campaign. You will be surprised at how supportive people are when they find out your doing something. And normally, someone will reach out in need of your product or service.

Email Blast.jpeg

2. Facebook/Instagram Ads

This is the cheap and easy way to do some online marketing. Log on to your Facebook or Instagram, upload a nice picture or video of your product or service, target the audience you'd like in the area you want, and put a few dollars behind it. For a few dollars, you can see a great return. And because it's so cheap, you can experiment to see what really works. Just be sure to set a budget and keep monitoring what is working and what is not.

Facebook and instagram.jpeg

3. Local Mixers

Some people like doing it face to face. And there is no better way to get an immediate and visceral response than to get out there. Log on to or and find some events around your area. There are always mixers, lunches, events, conventions, Chamber meetings, etc going on. Take the time to get out there and get some reactions to what your doing. A little fresh air is always a good thing.


4. Google Adwords

This is a little more expensive and little more time consuming, but probably the most effective way to get business. If you think about it, anytime you've needed some work done what did you do? You Googled it! And trust me, if you stick to this in the long run, you will see some amazing results. It took us some time to get a hold of it, but we've brought in 6 figures of business just from taking the time to understand Google Adwords. If nothing else, hire someone!! It's worth it.


5. Make YouTube Videos

If you have a knack for it, start creating videos revolving around what your business does. Give away some knowledge in your field, become a micro-influencer in your field. People are always looking for advice and if you give it away for free now, trust me, people will buy from you later. Stay consistent even if you don't see results in a couple of months. People love people who care. Give and yee shall receive.




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