The 3 Types of Videos For Business


With a typical 15-60 second run time, these videos surround your latest and current product. The main goal of commercials is to not only sell a product or service, but to portray to the public that your company is constantly making efforts to improve what they have to offer. If the commercial is surrounding a product, try to demonstrate its main features, specifically the features that makes it stand out from its competitors. You have under a minute to catch the audience’s attention so choose those features and demonstrations wisely.

Lastly, a call-to-action. Let your viewers know where they can purchase or find more information on what you have to offer by having your company’s name, logo, or website on the concluding scene.


The purpose of a branding video is to communicate the “who, what, why, when, and how” of your company or brand. These videos are usually seen on the “home” or “about” page of your website. When thinking about your branding video, consider the overall mission. Since this video is meant to give audiences an overall view of your company, try to mention attractive key-terms that potential buyers in your industry like to hear like: customer service, value, latest, greatest, and progress. Also, everyone likes a good story. Talking about the origins of the company sparks an inspirational, brick-and-mortar, effect and portrays the passion behind the company’s roots.


These videos are used to portray your company or brand’s journey, missions, and culture; typically, on a social media or blog platform. They aren’t as refined, polished, and scripted like a commercial, but as long as you’re publishing these videos on a consistent publishing schedule they may just as effective as a commercial. Use content videos to spark interest in new buyers by sharing what your company does on a daily basis. This does not necessarily mean share a product or service you’re planning on debuting to the market. It simply means document any kind of changes, research and development, or behind-the-scenes of what is happening at the office. By doing so, you will build an audience full of supporters that are checking in regularly. Posting video content online, surrounding your company, allows you that human connection with potential business without having to meet face-to-face.