3 Tips for Coworking Spaces to Bring More Traffic



So, you have a coworking space that you want to fill up with tenants and you feel as if you can be doing a lot more to market and generate traction to the location. Well, lucky for you, I have some great tips that will help you book more tours and acquire more tenants in no time! Here are 3 tried-and-true methods to implement that will ENSURE that your coworking space is the most POPPING place to be at for companies and freelancers alike!


Tip 1: A Clean Website with an Attention-Grabbing Video!


            First and foremost, you need to have a very clean and user-friendly website that is not too cluttered. This will reflect directly on your space! Imagine coming to a website that is cluttered and congested with too much going on. You are going to expect the coworking space to be the same! So, forget about the 600 photos of the space and throw a link to the gallery in case some nutjob actually wants to see them all. The website should have just enough information and content to give the audience an idea of what the space is about and the culture and atmosphere it cultivates.

            This brings us to the most important part of your website: THE VIDEO! It’s no secret that the attention span of any individual in today’s day and age rivals that of a toddler’s and so it is very easy to lose the interest of people coming on to your website in mere seconds! You need a video on there that will grab the attention of your audience all while highlighting the amenities that your spot has to offer and to showcase the culture and atmosphere of spot as well. This will help you book more tours in no time!


Tip 2: Extended Hours for your Tenants!


            I’m sitting here on a Sunday afternoon at my office typing this up with a latte to keep me energized. Everyone has their own style of work and schedule that works for them! A 9 to 5 cookie cutter schedule won’t work for everyone, so why are your hours limited? Some people feel more productive during the day time, while others like to get down to business in the afternoon or evening. Others still (like myself) love to take out a few hours on the weekend and get some important tasks done to set the tone for the upcoming week! I honestly don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have 24-hour access to my office. A flexible schedule ensures that tenants get excited by seeing the freedom that they have of coming and going as they please! So, stretch your hours a bit and watch those freelancing vampires shuffle in through that door!


Tip 3: Perks and Benefits for your Tenants!


             Incentives are one helluva thing! They will get almost anyone moving, trust me. Make sure to bombard your current and future tenants with perks and benefits to keep them excited and help them book a space with you! You can do something as simple as discounts for your tenants if they bring in referrals. Another thing that you can do is to offer free day passes to the masses so that they can come and chill and get some work done one day and realize how cool your space is! Maybe they will want to stick around for more, who knows? Another thing that you can do at your coworking space is to host events for your tenants and guests. Free food and socializing are always a great way to show that you are a great host and to show off your place for everyone to see!



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