The First 10 Seconds of Your Video

The First 10 Seconds of Your Video

Attention spans are getting shorter. 130 years ago, the first films showed random people walking down the street and everyone was amazed. Since then, attention spans have gone to shit. Now, if your video isn't spectacular in the first 10 seconds... actually, let’s say the first 3 seconds, viewers will click OFF of your video and go watch a BuzzFeed video instead.

So what does that mean for anyone thinking of creating a video?

That means when you're creating your video, think about making it in such a way that someone not click off it right away. I know it sounds obvious, but really try to internalize that message.

Here's how you do it...

Think of an idea, then ask yourself: "If I watched this video... and I'm not me, and I don't know me... and I don't care about me... would I actually watch this for more than 5 seconds?" And be as honest as you can possibly be with yourself. Don't be lazy! Question the idea as truthfully as you can. And hopefully your first answer to yourself is, "Nope, that wouldn't keep me interested". Then think of a few more ideas and you'll eventually get there.

Here are a few techniques to capture the person you want to watch the video to keep watching the video for the whole thing...



Yell directly at the person (or topic) you want to engage in the video... example:

"Civil Engineers! Do you have trouble finding xyz..."

"Ice cream! Ahh, the most beautiful enjoyment. But do you want to make it yourself at home?"


"You want a nice car, but your broke! But you can't find it... until"



When a question is posed, the viewer, if interested in the topic, wants to hear the answer. That will buy you another 10-15 seconds if your answer is state well.

"What happens when German engineering meets ice cream?"

"What would happen if you had 2 extra hours in your day?"

"What is the most important thing in your life?"



Sometimes all it takes is something out of the ordinary to look at in the first 3 seconds to capture your audience’s attention.

Example 1:

Example 2:


The point is, try your hardest to care about your viewer. Try to be as unbiased as possible and put yourself in their position. Considering there are 1 billion videos online that people have watch before getting to yours, give them a reason to get past the first 3 seconds.